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Experts in Utility Locating and Geophysical Surveying



We use standard utility-locating methods integrated with the geophysical methods of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Time Domain Electromagnetics (TDEM) to provide our clients with unsurpassed information of the subsurface.


Having investigated thousands of sites for detectable Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), our integrated geophysical approach of high sensitivity metal detection provides confidence on any site.

Oil Well

The distinct magnetic signature of a steel-cased oil well allows us to aid in clearly identifying abandoned well locations.

Shear Wave Profiling

We are well versed in Refraction Microtremor (ReMi) and Multi-channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW), and use a proprietary software to help define voids, Vs30, shear wave velocity profiles, etc.


With the help of electrical resistivity, Time Domain Electromagnetics (TDEM), and Frequency Domain Electromagnetics (FDEM) we are able to delineate and advice on the width and depth of a former landfill.


Utilizing electrical resistivity, EM-31, and/or seismic refraction, paleochannels can be defined, allowing for more accurate placement of water or monitoring wells.

Our Projects

Fault Location in Long Beach, California

Landfill Delineation in Stanislaus County, California

Abandoned Oil Well Detection in LA County, California

About Spectrum Geophysics

Spectrum Geophysics specializes in the subsurface characterization of urban, industrial, and military settings. Survey goals include (but are not limited to): borehole investigations, concrete coring, utility locating, AutoCAD mapping, resistivity surveys, UST searches and delineation, ground penetrating radar (GPR) investigations, terrain conductivity, 3-D GPR surveys, lost oil well searches, fault and rippability surveys, and trench site investigations.

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