About Us

We are a certified small business entity specializing in geophysical data acquisition, processing, and interpretation in real world application(s). We are privately owned. The ability to integrate disparate geophysical methods with respect to site limitations is a fundamental tenet of our staff. This innovative approach to problem solving allows us to minimize cultural interferences as well as provide corroboration of survey results using various geophysical methods. Our extensive field experience translates into cost savings for our clients throughout initial survey design and site preparation tasks, GPS integration when and where applicable, AutoCAD work, contouring, reporting, and follow-up practices. The people who work for Spectrum are friendly, resourceful, and versatile across multiple disciplines.

Founded in 1985 by Dana LeTourneau and now being run by principals Brett Baker and Laura Cathcart-Dodge, Spectrum Geophysics locates, delineates, and documents near-surface features. Sites include military bases, landfills, schools, national parks, refineries, power plants, state highways, movie studios, hospitals, residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Since the company’s inception we have embraced the technological advances afforded our industry and shared the implementation of these state-of-the-art locating and diagnostic tools with our clients. The rapid optimization of emerging technologies works to the advantage of our clients, our vendors, and our company.